State-of-the art-Technologies

In an age where viewers demand the highest level of production quality, ABS Network spares no expense to ensure that the equipment it provides is state-of-the-art.

Today, it operates more than 34 mobile Satellite News Gathering (SNG) trucks with full-HD capabilities and can supply mobile real-time feeds of news and raw footage to clients across the globe. Systems are upgraded to ensure the availability of HD/SD application technology at all their offices, and have purchased fully redundant HD systems to cover all types of high profile events across the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).


In 2014, ABS Network advanced its capabilities and competitive edge with the establishment of a quick deployment operations department that is supplied with special production equipment for rapid response purposes.


We’ve got it all!

Having the best technology is only beneficial to an organisation that can also draw from a resource pool of expertly trained and enabled staff. The company invests heavily in hiring and training the most professional staff. This ensures that they are capable of utilising cutting-edge equipment to its utmost potential.

ABS Network employs over 250 professionals and its production staff includes over 60 producers, 50 editors, 100 cameramen, and production support staff operating in over 20 countries.